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Give Reiki to Earth to Save Earth for whatever happened in Japan

Posted by Bharatt kumar on March 16, 2011

This is HUMBLE request to all REIKI Channel (Who learned REIKI – Any degree)
Please give REIKI to EARTH to Protect EARTH for what Happened in Japan. It is our sole duty to help us and our EARTH and each and every life on this Earth.

Here is the procedure:

1. Please start REIKI on your self.
2. First five minute, Take REIKI power on your body.
3. Then Visualizes the Earth and start giving REIKI power to the Earth.
4. In Japan – due to earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor blasts, whatever happened and radiations are growing, Visulise that all those radiations are nullified and removed from the Earth and all the lives on this Earth are now SAFE and HAPPY.

Please give Reiki on Above purpose for 3 hrs (you can give Reiki for 1 hr separately for 3 times in a day as well)

Save Lives, Save Earth.

God Bless You



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Posted by Bharatt kumar on October 9, 2006

I was thinking what would be best way to serve the people. Finally I decided to start this session called ASK 4 SOLLUTION.

I invite all the readers and well wishers to send me their problem either by email to me or just asking in the comments  and I like to give sollution based on the best practice of the Reiki and Yoga. It would Be better if you ask question in the commented forum so that I can review and reply fast. Also other readers too like to see the sollutions regarding to the problem they also experiencing. This way I think I can meet my desire. I request you to write problems in the comment area and I will try to reply the best sollution.

See more at ASK 4 SOLLUTION

Be Enlightened and get your Amruttatva within.

with love


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Research Institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

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Knowledge blooming process in Common Man v/s Scientist and Knowledge browsing process in Human Mind from Universe

Posted by Bharatt kumar on October 9, 2006

  • Generally human are categorized in four groups:
  1. Labour Class people – who are working with only body , they using minimum part of brain and mind.
  2. Clerical andManagerial Class People – they are using their minds more than their body.
  3. Business Class people – they are working partially with minds and partially with inner voice or inspiration.
  4. The fourth group of people are Scientists and Gifter People – who are working with body , mind, inspiration and finally in touch with Soul- the source of all knowledge.
  • Modern Neno Science has also accepted that Universe is matter transferred from te Energy. Where there is Energy, ther is Electrical impulses -vibrations-waves with different frequencies i.e. in wood, there is hidden energy which comes out in the form of Fire or after long time natural underground pressure and heating cycle, it turns in to crude oil that is also another form of the energy. We know this phenomenon, in modern scientific way.
  •  In Yogic Science, the Universe is made from PRANSHAKTI ( Electrical Energy). After some modification, Pranshakti turns in to AAKASH TATVA (Space Element). After some more solidification, Akash tatva turns in to VAYU TATVA (Wind Element). Afert more solidification, Vayu tatva turns in to AGNI TATVA(Fire Element). After more solidification Agni tatva turns in to JAL TATVA(water element). more solidification converts this Jal tatva in to PRITHVI TATVA(Earth Element). The Universe is a compound of these all five elements. No element available alone in whole Universe.
  • Another theory of Yogic Science is Seven CHAKRAS Theory and Seven BODIES Theory. Seven Chakras are as follows
  1. The first Chakra in ascending form is MULADHAR CHAKRA (Root Chakra) which is the centre of Physical body and controls Prithvi Tatva
  2. Second Chakra is SWADHISTHAN CHAKRA (Hara Chakra) which is the centre of Pran Sharir( Energy body ) and controls Jal Tatva
  3. Third  Chakra is MANIPUR CHAKRA (Solar Chakra) which is the centre of Shukshma Sharir(Mental body ) and controls Agni  Tatva
  4. Fourth Chakra is ANAHAT CHAKRA (Heart Chakra) which is the centre of Karan Sharir(Causal body ) and controls Vayu  Tatva
  5. Fifth Chakra is VISHUDDH CHAKRA (Throat Chakra) which is the centre of MahaKaran Sharir(Pera Causal body ) and controls Akash Tatva
  6. Sixth Chakra is AAGYA CHAKRA (Third eye  Chakra) which is the centre of Chaitanya Sharir(Universal Soul Energy body ) and it has no elemet and it comes directly in contact with Pran Shakti and Chaitanya Shakti
  7. Seventh Chakra is SAHASTRAR CHAKRA (Crown  Chakra) which is the centre of Virat Sharir(Etheric body ). In this body all the waves in all frequencies freely passes like Telepathy waves, infrared and Ultra violet waves
  • Another facts according to Yogic Science is Seven Bodies theory is as under:
  1.  The first body is STHOOL SHARIR i.e. Physical Body, we can touch it, see it, and we are working in physical world by this body. In language of computer this is Hardware.
  2. The second body is PRAN SHARIR  i.e. Energic body. In this body a heavy energic storage of Universal Life Force or Vital Energy or PRAN SHAKTI. In language of Computer, this is Electricity.
  3. The third body is SUKSHMA SHARIR i.e. the body created by our thought or feelings and fantacy-Imagination etc. In language of computer, this is Data feeded by computer user.
  4. The forth body is KARAN SHARIR i.e. Causal body. In this body all seven CHAKRAS are situated. In this body the data ( KARMAS) of Past birth are lies. In language of computer, this is Software, we are getting it with our birth.
  5. The fifth body is MAHAKARAN SHARIR i.e.  Para Causal body. In this body, the blue print of Allmighty or Nature is stored. The nature has selected role of a person who has to work according to storerd data. In language of computer, this is Processing Unit with fixed processing data which are in any circumstances rigidly unchangable by Human.
  6. The Sixth body is CHAITANYA SHARIR i.e. connection between God and Human.  This body is made from Energy directly spreaded by the God. In language of computer, this is Brain of Computer Scientists who had developed the computer.
  7. The Seventh body is VIRAT SHARIR i.e Etheric body. By this body the all universal microest particles, biggest Planets, Trees and Plants, Animals, Human etc. are connected. In language of Computer, this is Network connection or Internet connetion.    

………….to be continue, I like to have comments and your questions…….

Be Enlightened and get your Amruttatva within.

with love


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Research Institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

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Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 28, 2006


General meaning of Energy everybody knows, but in the field of Yoga, energy means PRANSHAKTI modern science knows it by Word of Elementary Energy. 

CHETANA  means the first formation of Energy come out from the SOUL or BRAHM. CHAITASIC means the event related with CHETANA.

General circulation of Energy by use of mind is that when we float our mind towards any destination at same time Energy will rush on that destination. But when we think with respect to our body energy circulation by the way of Yogic theory, Energy has overcome so many restrictions and hindrances in way of ascending path. The obstacles or hindrances were created by our own mind with negative or irregular thinking or outway thinking. Yogic science has done  deep and scientific way researches and has taken fix and result based conclution for energy circulation with perfect and optimum results. In the way of research  so many generations of RUSHIMUNI(Ancient Spiritual scientist of Truth) had spent their evaluable lives. They have done researches over thousands of years and they evolved perfect unbeatable theory of application of mind and thinking. This is ANTARANG YOGA means Yoga of mind(Ashanas and Pranayams is BAHIRANG YOGA, means Yoga body).  PUNYA(Good virtues) means  the activities which leads you total ENERGETIC (PRANIK) and CHAITESIC  upward development and PAAP(sin) means the activity which leads you towards ENERGETIC (PRANIK) and CHAITESIC downfall. In every religion, this hyphothication is the foundation of religion. But the Ancient Hindus have discovered the systematic energy circulation led by different Mental activities.

There are thousands of rules and regulations for diverting your ENERGY and CHETANA. Out of them 90 rules are very Important banchmanrks which leads all other rules and regulations. 

  1. Never worry about past and don’t get any tension about future. Just take lessons from Past and apply it in Present with Future planning without expectation of.
  2. Concentrate yourself towards brain region of body which leads you towards success.
  3.  Never create any type of bad feeling for any body.
  4.  Avoid unnecessary speech.
  5. The words are SHABD BRAHMA never think and never speek wrong unwanted word
  6. In each breathing Four thoughts occures in mind. Do that exercise which minimise your breathing rate per minute which saves your mental energy.
  7. Avoid all types of excitement which are not related with a goal.
  8. The negative thoughts are disturbing your Medula oblangata which leads your nerves systems disorder. Means breaking of your personality.
  9. There are infinite energy centers below your Neval and infinite energy centres above Neval. Your all mental activities applied in that way which are related activities with upper energy centres which leads you towards great success.   
  10. The chest is big store house of all type of feelings. Never hurt anybody’s feeling which improves your mental power and Willpower.
  11. Speek always probebaly good words, express your opposite feelings also in calmfull way and soft words. It improves your all type of immunity power.
  12. Watch always happy feeling and gracefull, non violent, non exciting scene which creates your foresightness and futuristic visualisation of Power.
  13. Avoid all types of Ugly words and use holystic vocabulary which creates power in your conversation and addressing.
  14. Our mind is constant overprocessing organ. It couses overflow of thoughts, unwanted thoughts create fatiques. Apply deep breathing for reducing thoughts.
  15. We are getting vision which are not fruitful for our development and it crashes our  energy body so avoid unwanted vision.
  16. We are hearing so many noises, we have to improve skill for listening favourable and fruitfull voice.
  17. Generally everybody’s pineal body is inactive. Concentrate yourself on your forhead 10 minutesa day. It activates your pineal body
  18. Constantly energy flows comming on your brain from the Universe. Unwanted applications of brain will creates energy blockages and reduces the energy flow.
  19. Speak always affermative words for your goal and achievement. Mostly use affermative words for others also.
  20. Most unwanted visions are comming from eyes. Concentrate your self on your eyes and eyebrows with close eyes for few minutes a day. It will resist unwanted thoughts.
  21. Do any thought exercise. It gives resistance power against all negative strokes.
  22. If you want great success in your field then avoid your head from all unwanted and negative elements(bad smell, bad words, Ugly looking, Ugly hearing and bad thoughts).
  23. Don’t keep your mind free when your mind is free, apply it towards God for your beloved God that is your ISTA DEVA.
  24. Improve your confidence and your energy will improve. Confidence always achieve by hard working and deep knowledge of your field.
  25. Whenever you apply good thoughts before thinking, do deep breathing in early in the mornig for 10-15 minutes and then think about your Goal.
  26. Before sleeping , concentrate yourself on your head and your forehead, then deep breath for 20-25 times then sleep.

will  continue……. keep eyes on this blog and keep improving yourself………..

We will give you program of application on above 90 points… that will be chargeable.

 Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Reseach institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

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Up comming articles in few days

Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 27, 2006

I just like to give you hint of the following Articles that  I will publish in next few days, so keep Eyes on this blog to get benefit from it and  to improve yourself

  1. Process of thinking, Analysing, Application, working andAchieving Goals and its repeatation
  2. Evolution and Development of Genes
  3. Human on the Earth with the Positive and Negetive Personality
  4. Human and Godism
  5. Futuristic development of Human energies Extrimity in view w.r.t. Yoga and Medical science
  6. Energetic and Chetana related development w.r.t. different Religious(general view)
  7. Effects on a perso of each particle in a universe
  8. Knowledge blooming processes in common man and scientist and knowledge browsing process in human mind from universe
  9. Evelution of Mankind according to Modern Sciencereligious schence
  10. Powers and Energies belong to Human mind and body

Soon you will get some advanced fundas on these topics . So keep eyes on this blog and I liketo reply your questins and problems, you can mail me or simply write in the comment so that I can get your question or problem

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


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Software Developers!!! Boost up your Efficiency by Yoga and Reiki

Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 25, 2006

Dear Developers,

You are suffering with following Himalayan Hindrances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Laser Speed of Mental work
  2. Lack of Consistancy
  3. Vision fatique
  4. Lack of Multi Dimensional Brain Storming work
  5. Energetic Downfall
  6. Deficiency of withstand power against Multi-Level Hindrances
  7. Lack of Inspiration
  8. Impact of Family Disturbances on Work
  9. Disability of overcomming Relavent stresses during work
  10. Bad Impact of Professional Work in Normal life routine
  11. Diversion of Mind towards Sex
  12. Lack of Efficiency of Physical work
  13. Physical fatique
  14. Lack of Forsighted vision
  15. Lack of Business vision
  16. Lack of awareness of Time line
  17. Problem of Energy Upliftment
  18. Lack of Higher Concentration
  19. Lack of Hearing Awareness
  20. Visual Disability (Shot time, log time and permenent)
  21. Dis-sharpness of Memery Recollection Power
  22. Brain Wave (Neurotic Impulses) Malfunctioning with Nature
  23. Bio-Electro Cardiac Malfunctioning (Related with Brain Nerves System and endocrine system) 
  24. Normal and Severe Back and Body Pain
  25. Deficiency of Overcomming psychosomatic stress 
  26. Inner and Outer personality Imbalancing
  27. Lack Inner Voice and Inspiration at critical moment
  28. Tiny to great Hindrances in Money Circulation
  29. Lack of development power in Development
  30. Disability of Quick Application
  31. Disability of Shooting of Aim or Destination or Goal
  32. Lack of confidence for  Achieving higher Crest of your business
  33. Disability of Overcomming Mental and Outer field mountain
  34. Disability of High Density Multiple Uses of Brain
  35. Low awareness of Incomming fruitfull data for overall development in Softwre development
  36. Deficiecy of Inner Force for Developing Sky Rocketing Personality
  37. Lack of Awareness with respect to money
  38. Deficiate Goal Setting and Goal Achieving
  39. Disability of Selection of Quick spreading and developing field
  40. Deficiency of perfect energetic development at right moment
  41. Perfect Policy Implementation drawback
  42. Problem of Heavy stiffing of Career
  43. Lack of Different types of Higher facilities in your Life
  44. Disability of browsing right information to right Employee
  45. Deficiency of holiestic waves within you and out of you.

Definately you would like to overcome above mentioned deficiency and create opposite efficiecy..

If so that then you have to learn and apply in regular prectice following theory and succeeding highly effective practicles.

first of all you have to just know ……………………………

  1. Theory of 7+ 5 Energy centres
  2. Theory of Seven Bodies
  3. Body Energy circulation
  4. Theory of different PURUSHARTH(applied Effort) with respect to above three mentioned subjects 


  1. Amruttam Yantra
  2. Amruttam Kriya
  3. Reiki for Entrepreneur
  4. Kriya Yog
  5. Breathing techniques at a glance
  6. Mudra and Posture
  7. Neo Vastu consultancy
  8. Land Consultancy(effect of positive and negative energy stored in Land)
  9. Reiki and Yoga based cource for getting Idea of all human energy
  10. Reiki Yoga and service based cources for getting Richer

Ok We will meet in Succeeding Articles , so keep your eyes on this blog for getting better upliftment through Reiki and Yoga.

But before that I would like to explain some high-fy techniques for overall Improving yourself


  1. Don’t cross your legs near Ancles, It will damage your bio-electro impulses in your brain.
  2. If your feelings stress in your brain, or heavy feeling on your chest or you are feeling enginal pain then join your both hands at your centre of chest and take 25-30 DEEP breathing. Apply it 3-4 times a day atleast.  
  3. This applicaton of body energy circulation based on sexual energy. Embress your opposite  sex partener in such a way in standing position with male facing towards east and female facng towards west, keep your left hand at the tell bone of your partener and right hand on outer surface of medula oblengata or back side of skull, Don’t stand directly on floor, there must be insulation between you and floor. You have to apply this technic for at least twice in a day with six hour distance. You may apply this technic with or without cloth. (an Ancient Hindu Vam Tantra technique).HEAR WHEN WE TALK ABOUT OPPOSIT SEX PARTNER MEANS YOUR SPOUSE.

Comments are wormly and lovingly Invited. so that I try to give you way of success.

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Reseach institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

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Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 22, 2006

When we read some new name or subjects, naturally over mind will raise question about its understanding or meaning. The name AMRUTTAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI & YOGA is name of the institute which is concern with research based on Reiki & Yoga. REIKI word is Japanese which means in Indian language is PRANSHAKTI, in Chinese language Chee energy & in spiritual lenguage it is known as COSMIC POWER. The defination of Reiki is “Universal life force energy”. We understand that it is a term known as Energy.

Yoga means to connect, or United with each other.

Amrut means Immortal elixier. By drinking it , we can Immortal or we just never die after drinking it.

Reseach institute is simply known as we know, the institute related with Research.

The whole term “AMRUTTAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI AND YOGA” means you, i.e. your Immortal existance.

Everybody knows in every human being there are infinite posibilities to develop its capacity and personality at limiteless. In Vaidik literature, the Indian incient RISHIMUNI (scientist) said that you are AMRUTASYA PUTRA(the son of Immortality). But we don’t know our AMRUTTATVA(immortal element) so we have to expedict our Immortality. We have to discover our immortal Daity giant within. It is path to discover inner enlightenment. The motto of giving human life on earth is to know thyself. That means our existance as a human being is the “Research Institute” for our energy within and our immortality as a AATMA(soul).

Be Enlighten,


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Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 22, 2006

I would like to  introduce here the goal and the activity we are doing at AMRUTAM RESERCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI AND YOGA, Its based in Surat, India and we also have training session and problem solving service online via email, telephone, messenger and video conferencing as per client’s requirement.

The institute driven by me and my wife and many new researches done by my daughter also in the field of Reiki.

Our motto are:

To do research of new horizons on Reiki and Yoga

  • Creation of Medicine free life
  • Going depper in the mental development
  • To discover the truth of the life and of the mind and invisible energy insight of hte body and mind and in whole universe 
  • Effert towards Positively Vibrant World

Following are some of our research in different application on Reiki and Yoga.

  • Amrutam Kriya / Amruttam Yog
  • Amruttam Yantra
  • Namaskar Mudra
  • Reiki
  • Kriya Yog
  • Yogic Mudra and Aashna and Pranayama
  • Mind Reading and Positive Attitude
  • Vastu Shastra consultancy
  • Special cources on Cancer, Bloodpressure, Heart diseases, Stone and Kidney Diseases etc
  • Child Development
  • Special cources on Weight increasing/decreasing with figure making

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


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Amruttam Reiki Yoga

Posted by Bharatt kumar on September 21, 2006

This is the first post here on the web.

I will post here mostly on the topics of Reiki and Yoga with the root and fundamentals to the most advanced research. 

so keep your eyes on my blog to discover some advanced researches in my field.

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


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