I would like to  introduce here the goal and the activity we are doing at AMRUTAM RESERCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI AND YOGA, Its based in Surat, India and we also have training session and problem solving service online via email, telephone, messenger and video conferencing as per client’s requirement.

The institute driven by me and my wife and many new researches done by my daughter also in the field of Reiki.

Our motto are:

To do research of new horizons on Reiki and Yoga

  • Creation of Medicine free life
  • Going depper in the mental development
  • To discover the truth of the life and of the mind and invisible energy insight of hte body and mind and in whole universe 
  • Effert towards Positively Vibrant World

Following are some of our research in different application on Reiki and Yoga.

  • Amrutam Kriya / Amruttam Yog
  • Amruttam Yantra
  • Namaskar Mudra
  • Reiki
  • Kriya Yog
  • Yogic Mudra and Aashna and Pranayama
  • Mind Reading and Positive Attitude
  • Vastu Shastra consultancy
  • Special cources on Cancer, Bloodpressure, Heart diseases, Stone and Kidney Diseases etc
  • Child Development
  • Special cources on Weight increasing/decreasing with figure making

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,



  1. sir,
    my mother age : 70 has got severe pain in her both legs joints
    she cant walk freely she says pain is there , we consulted doctors and many treatments are over she has started to less food to reduce her weight .

    now she is getting more pains and cramps on her legs i.e foot area so pls send me any solution pls

    we came to know about the pranshakti treatment few days back and mailing to you sir


    1. Dear Rajesh,
      I’m giving you reply after 7 monthS because I was not regular on blog sorry. Leter is better than never. I try my level best.
      Your mother’s knee pain is may now on dengerous level. She has to do this simple exercise three times in a day with empty stomouch & east facing in sitting position (may be on chair), it is possible it will give result up to 70 to 80 % within seven to eighth month.
      Join both the hands in middle of the chest in pranam mudra & take deeper breathing as good as possible without taking more stress on the mind & body for five to tem min.
      My phone no: +919909000529 if you need telephonic talk then call me.
      My address & mail id is
      Sanskrut Apartment A-2,903-904, Opp.Iscon Mall, Near Rajhans Cinema, Dumas Road, Surat, Gujarat 395007


  2. Dear,Jamest,
    The spiritual explanation of every phenomena is always too prolong but it come in very short process when it come in your experiences, your own Anubhuti. If you want to know more about it then you have study in front of real spiritual Guru.
    Thanks for visit blog


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