When we read some new name or subjects, naturally over mind will raise question about its understanding or meaning. The name AMRUTTAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI & YOGA is name of the institute which is concern with research based on Reiki & Yoga. REIKI word is Japanese which means in Indian language is PRANSHAKTI, in Chinese language Chee energy & in spiritual lenguage it is known as COSMIC POWER. The defination of Reiki is “Universal life force energy”. We understand that it is a term known as Energy.

Yoga means to connect, or United with each other.

Amrut means Immortal elixier. By drinking it , we can Immortal or we just never die after drinking it.

Reseach institute is simply known as we know, the institute related with Research.

The whole term “AMRUTTAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI AND YOGA” means you, i.e. your Immortal existance.

Everybody knows in every human being there are infinite posibilities to develop its capacity and personality at limiteless. In Vaidik literature, the Indian incient RISHIMUNI (scientist) said that you are AMRUTASYA PUTRA(the son of Immortality). But we don’t know our AMRUTTATVA(immortal element) so we have to expedict our Immortality. We have to discover our immortal Daity giant within. It is path to discover inner enlightenment. The motto of giving human life on earth is to know thyself. That means our existance as a human being is the “Research Institute” for our energy within and our immortality as a AATMA(soul).

Be Enlighten,


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