Software Developers!!! Boost up your Efficiency by Yoga and Reiki

Dear Developers,

You are suffering with following Himalayan Hindrances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Laser Speed of Mental work
  2. Lack of Consistancy
  3. Vision fatique
  4. Lack of Multi Dimensional Brain Storming work
  5. Energetic Downfall
  6. Deficiency of withstand power against Multi-Level Hindrances
  7. Lack of Inspiration
  8. Impact of Family Disturbances on Work
  9. Disability of overcomming Relavent stresses during work
  10. Bad Impact of Professional Work in Normal life routine
  11. Diversion of Mind towards Sex
  12. Lack of Efficiency of Physical work
  13. Physical fatique
  14. Lack of Forsighted vision
  15. Lack of Business vision
  16. Lack of awareness of Time line
  17. Problem of Energy Upliftment
  18. Lack of Higher Concentration
  19. Lack of Hearing Awareness
  20. Visual Disability (Shot time, log time and permenent)
  21. Dis-sharpness of Memery Recollection Power
  22. Brain Wave (Neurotic Impulses) Malfunctioning with Nature
  23. Bio-Electro Cardiac Malfunctioning (Related with Brain Nerves System and endocrine system) 
  24. Normal and Severe Back and Body Pain
  25. Deficiency of Overcomming psychosomatic stress 
  26. Inner and Outer personality Imbalancing
  27. Lack Inner Voice and Inspiration at critical moment
  28. Tiny to great Hindrances in Money Circulation
  29. Lack of development power in Development
  30. Disability of Quick Application
  31. Disability of Shooting of Aim or Destination or Goal
  32. Lack of confidence for  Achieving higher Crest of your business
  33. Disability of Overcomming Mental and Outer field mountain
  34. Disability of High Density Multiple Uses of Brain
  35. Low awareness of Incomming fruitfull data for overall development in Softwre development
  36. Deficiecy of Inner Force for Developing Sky Rocketing Personality
  37. Lack of Awareness with respect to money
  38. Deficiate Goal Setting and Goal Achieving
  39. Disability of Selection of Quick spreading and developing field
  40. Deficiency of perfect energetic development at right moment
  41. Perfect Policy Implementation drawback
  42. Problem of Heavy stiffing of Career
  43. Lack of Different types of Higher facilities in your Life
  44. Disability of browsing right information to right Employee
  45. Deficiency of holiestic waves within you and out of you.

Definately you would like to overcome above mentioned deficiency and create opposite efficiecy..

If so that then you have to learn and apply in regular prectice following theory and succeeding highly effective practicles.

first of all you have to just know ……………………………

  1. Theory of 7+ 5 Energy centres
  2. Theory of Seven Bodies
  3. Body Energy circulation
  4. Theory of different PURUSHARTH(applied Effort) with respect to above three mentioned subjects 


  1. Amruttam Yantra
  2. Amruttam Kriya
  3. Reiki for Entrepreneur
  4. Kriya Yog
  5. Breathing techniques at a glance
  6. Mudra and Posture
  7. Neo Vastu consultancy
  8. Land Consultancy(effect of positive and negative energy stored in Land)
  9. Reiki and Yoga based cource for getting Idea of all human energy
  10. Reiki Yoga and service based cources for getting Richer

Ok We will meet in Succeeding Articles , so keep your eyes on this blog for getting better upliftment through Reiki and Yoga.

But before that I would like to explain some high-fy techniques for overall Improving yourself


  1. Don’t cross your legs near Ancles, It will damage your bio-electro impulses in your brain.
  2. If your feelings stress in your brain, or heavy feeling on your chest or you are feeling enginal pain then join your both hands at your centre of chest and take 25-30 DEEP breathing. Apply it 3-4 times a day atleast.  
  3. This applicaton of body energy circulation based on sexual energy. Embress your opposite  sex partener in such a way in standing position with male facing towards east and female facng towards west, keep your left hand at the tell bone of your partener and right hand on outer surface of medula oblengata or back side of skull, Don’t stand directly on floor, there must be insulation between you and floor. You have to apply this technic for at least twice in a day with six hour distance. You may apply this technic with or without cloth. (an Ancient Hindu Vam Tantra technique).HEAR WHEN WE TALK ABOUT OPPOSIT SEX PARTNER MEANS YOUR SPOUSE.

Comments are wormly and lovingly Invited. so that I try to give you way of success.

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Reseach institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

2 thoughts on “Software Developers!!! Boost up your Efficiency by Yoga and Reiki

  1. First of all I would like to thank you to find out 45 long list of problems that I really feel personally I should overcome.

    I requst you to give more tricks and technique, how to improve the capabilities of the mind.

    Thank you

    ….. Jignesh Dodiya


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