Up comming articles in few days

I just like to give you hint of the following Articles that  I will publish in next few days, so keep Eyes on this blog to get benefit from it and  to improve yourself

  1. Process of thinking, Analysing, Application, working andAchieving Goals and its repeatation
  2. Evolution and Development of Genes
  3. Human on the Earth with the Positive and Negetive Personality
  4. Human and Godism
  5. Futuristic development of Human energies Extrimity in view w.r.t. Yoga and Medical science
  6. Energetic and Chetana related development w.r.t. different Religious(general view)
  7. Effects on a perso of each particle in a universe
  8. Knowledge blooming processes in common man and scientist and knowledge browsing process in human mind from universe
  9. Evelution of Mankind according to Modern Sciencereligious schence
  10. Powers and Energies belong to Human mind and body

Soon you will get some advanced fundas on these topics . So keep eyes on this blog and I liketo reply your questins and problems, you can mail me or simply write in the comment so that I can get your question or problem

Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


3 thoughts on “Up comming articles in few days

  1. this is amazing……..
    it has a very good effect on the person who is learning. and on the person who is geting…… to do on others. for me reiki…… is superb. with full effect. on me. and ma family…..


  2. Dear Nikita,
    You given comment Thanks: Now visit regular on blog.
    For bone fracture there are Reiki healing as follows:
    1: Take Reiki on Hara & muladhar chakra for 9 hrs. if patient is on bad rest if not than take Reiki on same chakra awarely at sleeping hour one & half hour Do sankalp for continuous flow of Reiki during all noght in sleeping condition also.
    2: Take Reiki on fractured bone for 70 minutes daily for fast recovery & flexibility of bone joints.
    Contact me on Phone
    Bharattkumar with good wishes.


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