General meaning of Energy everybody knows, but in the field of Yoga, energy means PRANSHAKTI modern science knows it by Word of Elementary Energy. 

CHETANA  means the first formation of Energy come out from the SOUL or BRAHM. CHAITASIC means the event related with CHETANA.

General circulation of Energy by use of mind is that when we float our mind towards any destination at same time Energy will rush on that destination. But when we think with respect to our body energy circulation by the way of Yogic theory, Energy has overcome so many restrictions and hindrances in way of ascending path. The obstacles or hindrances were created by our own mind with negative or irregular thinking or outway thinking. Yogic science has done  deep and scientific way researches and has taken fix and result based conclution for energy circulation with perfect and optimum results. In the way of research  so many generations of RUSHIMUNI(Ancient Spiritual scientist of Truth) had spent their evaluable lives. They have done researches over thousands of years and they evolved perfect unbeatable theory of application of mind and thinking. This is ANTARANG YOGA means Yoga of mind(Ashanas and Pranayams is BAHIRANG YOGA, means Yoga body).  PUNYA(Good virtues) means  the activities which leads you total ENERGETIC (PRANIK) and CHAITESIC  upward development and PAAP(sin) means the activity which leads you towards ENERGETIC (PRANIK) and CHAITESIC downfall. In every religion, this hyphothication is the foundation of religion. But the Ancient Hindus have discovered the systematic energy circulation led by different Mental activities.

There are thousands of rules and regulations for diverting your ENERGY and CHETANA. Out of them 90 rules are very Important banchmanrks which leads all other rules and regulations. 

  1. Never worry about past and don’t get any tension about future. Just take lessons from Past and apply it in Present with Future planning without expectation of.
  2. Concentrate yourself towards brain region of body which leads you towards success.
  3.  Never create any type of bad feeling for any body.
  4.  Avoid unnecessary speech.
  5. The words are SHABD BRAHMA never think and never speek wrong unwanted word
  6. In each breathing Four thoughts occures in mind. Do that exercise which minimise your breathing rate per minute which saves your mental energy.
  7. Avoid all types of excitement which are not related with a goal.
  8. The negative thoughts are disturbing your Medula oblangata which leads your nerves systems disorder. Means breaking of your personality.
  9. There are infinite energy centers below your Neval and infinite energy centres above Neval. Your all mental activities applied in that way which are related activities with upper energy centres which leads you towards great success.   
  10. The chest is big store house of all type of feelings. Never hurt anybody’s feeling which improves your mental power and Willpower.
  11. Speek always probebaly good words, express your opposite feelings also in calmfull way and soft words. It improves your all type of immunity power.
  12. Watch always happy feeling and gracefull, non violent, non exciting scene which creates your foresightness and futuristic visualisation of Power.
  13. Avoid all types of Ugly words and use holystic vocabulary which creates power in your conversation and addressing.
  14. Our mind is constant overprocessing organ. It couses overflow of thoughts, unwanted thoughts create fatiques. Apply deep breathing for reducing thoughts.
  15. We are getting vision which are not fruitful for our development and it crashes our  energy body so avoid unwanted vision.
  16. We are hearing so many noises, we have to improve skill for listening favourable and fruitfull voice.
  17. Generally everybody’s pineal body is inactive. Concentrate yourself on your forhead 10 minutesa day. It activates your pineal body
  18. Constantly energy flows comming on your brain from the Universe. Unwanted applications of brain will creates energy blockages and reduces the energy flow.
  19. Speak always affermative words for your goal and achievement. Mostly use affermative words for others also.
  20. Most unwanted visions are comming from eyes. Concentrate your self on your eyes and eyebrows with close eyes for few minutes a day. It will resist unwanted thoughts.
  21. Do any thought exercise. It gives resistance power against all negative strokes.
  22. If you want great success in your field then avoid your head from all unwanted and negative elements(bad smell, bad words, Ugly looking, Ugly hearing and bad thoughts).
  23. Don’t keep your mind free when your mind is free, apply it towards God for your beloved God that is your ISTA DEVA.
  24. Improve your confidence and your energy will improve. Confidence always achieve by hard working and deep knowledge of your field.
  25. Whenever you apply good thoughts before thinking, do deep breathing in early in the mornig for 10-15 minutes and then think about your Goal.
  26. Before sleeping , concentrate yourself on your head and your forehead, then deep breath for 20-25 times then sleep.

will  continue……. keep eyes on this blog and keep improving yourself………..

We will give you program of application on above 90 points… that will be chargeable.

 Be Enlighten and get your Amruttatva within.

With love,


(Founder, Director : Amruttam Reseach institute for Reiki and Yoga, Surat, India)

3 thoughts on “ENERGETIC and CHAITASIC development

  1. Respected Bharattkumar,

    thanks for your great article. I am eager to get the more on this topic. Kindly Write more on this topic and do explain the rules .

    I am eager to read more and more articles on this blog

    Jignesh Dodiya


  2. hi there – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the yahoo browser “bharattkumar.wordpress.com” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?
    alf saden


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