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Give Reiki to Earth to Save Earth for whatever happened in Japan

Posted by Bharatt kumar on March 16, 2011

This is HUMBLE request to all REIKI Channel (Who learned REIKI – Any degree)
Please give REIKI to EARTH to Protect EARTH for what Happened in Japan. It is our sole duty to help us and our EARTH and each and every life on this Earth.

Here is the procedure:

1. Please start REIKI on your self.
2. First five minute, Take REIKI power on your body.
3. Then Visualizes the Earth and start giving REIKI power to the Earth.
4. In Japan – due to earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor blasts, whatever happened and radiations are growing, Visulise that all those radiations are nullified and removed from the Earth and all the lives on this Earth are now SAFE and HAPPY.

Please give Reiki on Above purpose for 3 hrs (you can give Reiki for 1 hr separately for 3 times in a day as well)

Save Lives, Save Earth.

God Bless You



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