General Uses of Reiki

  • To cure psychological disease
  • To give up bad habits & to adopt good habits.
  • To control depression & stress
  • To cure physical daises
  • To take precaution from the forthcoming daises
  • Usage of the maximum power of our body & multiply it.
  • To keep your body, mind cool, happy & enthusiastic.
  • Convert the body energy for the creative development, achieve goals / intentions through Vedic method
  • To secure your future life from different troubles or obstacles in your ambition & life
  • To reduce the bad effects of the Gharah & to develop good effects
  • The reduction in the distraction in the spiritual development.
  • Transfers the intentions from the conscious mind to the sub- conscious mind to get fast achievements.
  • For the good health of any living kind
  • To develop positive force throughout your body & secretion of precious liquid from the different glands of the body & use them for the betterment.
  • To generate Equality amongst the every element created by God.
  • To spread positive thinking in the whole world.
  • Protection for you, your family, friends, vehicle, house etc..
  • To protect the Ozone layer around the earth & make it more stronger.
  • To increase the fertility of land & crops, protects vegetation from insets & more nutrition makes the world healthy & happy.


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