The Reasons for the weaknesses of our Mental & Physical Body & Obstacles faced throughout your lifetime

  • The Karma of your present life past life
  • The Karma of your present life past life
  • Negative & Bad thoughts Wrong Vastu of your house
  • Land on the wrong direction
  • Contact with the negative people who has blockages in his Pran body & Sukshma body(Mental)
  • People expressing large & medium  negative thoughts & bad feelings for us
  • The negative strokes from the nature come to our conscious mind but rather to avoid it, people  take it as a serious matter that creates disturbance in life
  • The Penetration of negative force to our Pran body  from the environment
  • Infection of any bacteria & virusUnhygienic & steal foodBad habits of taking diet
  • Hereditary diseases  Mental depression or shock
  • Unhealthy & polluted atmosphere Weak development of infant during the pregnancy period Reduction in the force of Pranbody  & continuously decreasing life energy force
  • The decrease in immunity power of any person, due to a break down in his pranbody &   a damage caused by the surrounding environment energy force

The above Reasons can be solved through regular exercise of of REIKI & YOGA your mental body &lifetime goals can be achieved.

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