Why Reiki is easier and better then other healing methods

  • Reiki is more Effective easy & super power than other natural powers. In past the great saints discovered different type of powers that could cure your disease & even satisfy your wants of life. They studied various shashtra some called as yagnashashtra, tantrashashstra, mantrashashtra, sanklapshashstra etc.
  • The flow of energy cycle is an invention of one Japanese Dr. MIKAO USUI (1865-1926). His invention explain the various energy points & energy circulation in our body. Through this power the person is able to heal anybody according to the intensity of the healer. For a common saint it is very lengthy process to achieve this super natural power of healing. No exercise or deep mediation is needed, one has to follow some strong rules in his routine life style.
  • Any common man if he wants to gain this powers of nature he has to undergo a long process of deep mediation & devotion towards it. To gain natural healing power or Yogic Mantra or Tantra any powers one has to continuously be involved in it because the minute nervous system in his pran body starts its cleansing & purification. Increase in the cleansing of pran body the spiritual body also starts its development so the level rise step by step.
  • In Reiki according to Usui method the purification of nervous system is just gained by the attunement give by your masters.As the Reiki student passes the different degree /stages they are given the powers respectively. This powers becoms activated & the Reiki student is capable to heal any body. Once this power is introduce into your body it stays for the lifetime. Any kind of negative force does not effects him their after. To acquire this power no deep meditation or long precess is needed. This power is obtained in just a small seminar or a crash course.
    Usually the yogic, Tantra Mantra Or Medicine needs a proper education, knowledge & experience.
  • To learn REIKI according to Usui method no previous knowledge or education is essential. A common understanding & firmness to do good should be in you.
  • In Medical Science Allopathic medicines are prepared to cure the disease but it has many side effects, this effects our sensitive organisms of our body & may damage it.
    The REIKI destroys the entire negativity from our 7 bodies. Our body gets the positive force & it is fills the body with its purity. Continuous usage of Reiki multiplies the positive life force energy which heals the minute nervous systems. When the entire body is full with positive force of Reiki the itself stops flowing into your body. The nervous system & Mental body works themselves. If a person does not know to do any kind of planning or sanlklap just the direction of aims makes the Reiki to flow towards it & full fill his aims & sanklap. If a person gets into a trouble he is protected by the universal fore of Reiki & the force works for the betterment of the person only.
  • In many other method the natural healer absorbers the patients daises & takes into their body respectively the patient takes the positive force from him. But their after the healer destroys the germs through its powers. if he fails to do so than he has to suffer.
  • In Reiki the healer first has to empower his own energy points than transfer it to the patient’s body so no infection is caused because the healer is just the connecting channel between the positive force & patient. When the daises is not at a stationery point than its origin point is first been verified & removed thereafter its spreading to the entire body can be controlled. The healer gets gets the natural super power from the universe so no infection is caused.
  • To obtain healing power through Yoga, Yam Niyam has to be followed with strict discipline. In which yogi has to do fasts, regular Aasans & timings & scheduling. After obtaining these strengths he is than capable to heal opposite person. In any healing if the patient has to be operated than a proper training & medical experience is compulsory
  • Curing through Reiki is very easy because no pre examination of education is needed. He just have to use his common sense & knowledge, mental stability & desire to learn REIKI is important.
  • The patients nerves named Eda, Pingda & Shushmda situated in our 4th body controls our entire life cycle starts purifying.
  • Reiki is a kind of treatment in which the patient stays conscious and activity takes part into the process.
  • He is able to perform ‘Atmya Darshan Kriya’ & also gets great blessings from the God. During this treatment the Thirdeye chakra starts its cleansing. It gets activated & opens the persons entire powers of the body thereafter one develops the supervision power, distance hearing & many other powers so he feels happy to be blessed by the super powers of nature.
  • During this method of healing the healer’s entire mental & physical & even 7 bodies gets activated very fast. The REIKI healer gets the waves form the body & through it frequency he can judge the different changes occurring in the body. That takes the person near towards ‘ Atmya Darshan’.
  • REIKI works on the negativity of the mental body & destroys it from its roots so negative vibrations effecting in the overall developing of the person also gets cleaned.
  • If REIKI is been applied regularly on the physical body, it can develop new tissues & cells, stops ageing, enthusiastic nature & overall change in personality is possible.
    Just the method of healing the physical, mental & even spiritual upliftment takes place. A persons not only gets mental , spiritual & physical achievements but also experience ‘Atmya Darshan’.

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