Amruttam Research Institute for Reiki and Yoga

Reiki from root level by BHARATT KUMAR

About Me

I am Bharattkumar from Surat, Gujarat,India.

I am Reiki Master (Reiki therapist) by Profession.

Contact Me on :

+91 99090 00529 (Inquiry Number)
+91 98251 14382 (Mobile)
+91 261 2211238 (Landline)

My address is :


I would like to  introduce here the goal and the activity we are doing at AMRUTTAM RESERCH INSTITUTE FOR REIKI AND YOGA, Its based in Surat, India and we also have training session and problem solving service online via email, telephone, messenger and video conferencing as per client’s requirement.

The institute driven by me and my wife and many new researches done by my daughter also in the field of Reiki.

Our motto are:

To do research of new horizons on Reiki and Yoga

  • Creation of Medicine free life
  • Going depper in the mental development
  • To discover the truth of the life and of the mind and invisible energy insight of hte body and mind and in whole universe
  • Effert towards Positively Vibrant World

Following are some of our research in different application on Reiki and Yoga.

  • Amrutam Kriya / Amruttam Yog
  • Amruttam Yantra
  • Namaskar Mudra
  • Reiki
  • Kriya Yog
  • Yogic Mudra and Aashna and Pranayama
  • Mind Reading and Positive Attitude
  • Vastu Shastra consultancy
  • Special cources on Cancer, Bloodpressure, Heart diseases, Stone and Kidney Diseases etc
  • Child Development
  • Special cources on Weight increasing/decreasing with figure making

soon you will know fully about me.


15 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Rishi Mittal said

    Hello Mr. BharatKumar,

    I have known little about Reiki through my own sister who had acquired it from one of the Reiki Master in Surat.

    I happened to search for Reiki Masters in Surat at Google when i saw your site.
    I would like to know more about Reiki and learn it.

    I too live in Surat. Please do mail me your institute`s address.


    Rishi Mittal



    i want 2 learn reiki n want some improvement in my life. m studying in 12th std from surat. i also want 2 know the fees for learning reiki. where is ur institute at surat located n what r the timings 4 various courses? reply plz.


  3. isha said

    dear sir,

    i want to learn reiki as i have completed my diploma in Naturopathy from baroda vinobabhave ashram.but now i m in surat so want to know that is it possible to learn reiki staying in surat itself?

    please do reply.



  4. Jigar said

    Hello Mr.Bharatkumar,
    I want to learn Reiki, could I have ur address pls.



  5. KASHEESH said

    hello sir

    myslf kasheesh frm surat want to learn reiki. i am frm NANPURA Surat. can i hav ur numbr


  6. G. K. Murty said

    I want to learn reiki from a true, learned master.
    Can you please confirm your credenials as a master so that I may make you my guru?


  7. G. K. Murty said

    Please ignore my 1st mail


  8. Rahul chouhan said

    Sir please tell me from when i come to you to learn reiki frm u…and please mail me your address…thanks alot sir…


  9. hello sir when u free that time call me i know reki larn time 9825640405


  10. Chintan gamit said

    Hello i’m from navsari.
    I am willing to learn reiki full course, so is there any workshop to be organised over here?


  11. Krupa said

    I want to learn reiki


  12. Vaishali said

    Even I want to learn Reiki, but as the post is old, I doubt, that do you still teach it?


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