Ask 4 Sollution

I was thinking what would be best way to serve the people. Finally I decided to start this session called ASK 4 SOLLUTION.

I invite all the readers and well wishers to send me their problem either by email to me or just asking in the comments below and I like to give sollution based on the best practice of the Reiki and Yoga. It would ne better if you ask question in the commented forum so that I can review and reply fast. Also other readers too like to see the sollutions regarding to the problem they also experiencing. This way I think I can meet my desire. I request you to write problems in the comment area and I will try to reply the best sollution.


Here is the first email I got from the person named Victor from Africa. problem in his own words…

PROBLEM ::  I’ve just seen your blog. I actually live in africa. These days, I’m feeling stressed. Is there any kind of exercice I can do to feel relaxed?

SOLLUTION::::: I think this is general problem that everybody bear in day to day life. Replying him:

Dear Victor,

I think you have problem of over thinking in any problematic or stress creating method, your mind  magnifying all stressfull metter, it magnifies real stress billionth of times, there are so many reasons of your irregular mental activities, one of them is bad impects of past and current life on mind.

You have to change your nature by logical thinking. first step is ….

———–stop worrying,

——start living,

—Be confident on your inner strengh and trust on God or create trust on God. Ofcource there is god who lies within you.

these application of understanding will reduce all pressent stress.

But the memory and impects on your mind of past stress will give you uneasiness and stressful condition which lies in subconcious mind.

you have to apply some Yogic meditation which is clean up tension of subconceous mind.

Sit in indian sitting position (sukhasan), Join your hand  against centre of chest (Anahat chakra), concentrate your mind in center of your forehead (Agya chakra) and then do deep breathing for 20 minutes. then keep your hands in your lap and keep breathing naturally, but concentrate your mind on Aagya chakra(center of forehead) for 20 minutes.

this is meditation

Do everywork with totality. Be joyful in each moment of life. 


PROBLEM :: How to get command over mind reading techniques?

SOLLUTION ::::: The mind reading techniques:

Seven principles are there for mind reading techniques:

  1. First of all is you must be very peacefull mind at any time & at time of heavy exciting position also.You must be stable from within at time of any loss or achieving time.
  2. Do daily meditation with concentratation on your forehead centre with deep breathing for 20 to 70 minutes  daily.
  3. Never get excitement with any conversation.
  4. You know method of reading of different feelings of the person standing against you, though it need deep training of Reiki & Yoga.
  5. Be positive with mind & attitude at any time.
  6. Your mind should not empty at any time. If you are free read good holly reading or do JAP & Meditation.
  7. Be faithfull to God or towrds you deauty.

But afterall this is very complicated task, you must have training & deep knowledge of the principle of energy circulation.

 I will write short article on this subject in nearby future. 

 keep eyes on my blog.




PROBLEM :: Jhone asked: How can I increase my income with use of Reiki.


Dear Atman Jhone

Hariom tatsat,

There are four PURUSHARTH (work) in human life

  1. DHARMA(religeous or deauty),
  2. ARTH (money matter),
  3. KAMA(sex or creation) &
  4. MOKSHA(no new birth after death- this is very hard to understand you).

Your CHETNA & concentration is blocked on second important PURUSHARTH. You have some blockages in different chakra as under.

  1. MANIPUR CHAKRA (solar plexus)abobe nevel
  2. HRUDAY OR ANAHAT CHAKRA(cardiac plexus) middle of chest
  3. VISHUDH CHAKRA (throat chakra)at throat
  4. SAHASTRAR CHAKRA(crown chakra)
  5. You are feeling heavy fatigue during urining process
  6. You may suffering with lowerback pain
  7. You are very very low in enthusiasm for earning money
  8. You have not enough energy for over coming hindrences in money earning process.

I think you are second level reiki chennel.

  1. First pray your God for success three times morning, noon & evening.
  2. Take Reiki on all 24 points with proper strong desire(SANKALP) at sleeping time. You need atleast 108 sessons for acheiving goal. & after completion of your each sesson put your both hand on your MANIPURCHAKRA & take Reiki on it for whole night or during sleeping hour. If you are getting deep sleep during taking reiki,  dont worry but desire that Reiki is continuous comming in your MANIPUR CHAKRA & through it spreading in your all bodies.
  3. Be enthusisstic in all your work.
  4. Your SANKALP IS i am earning at least 700,000.00doller per enum & it is growing up annualy by 700%.I’m great enthusiastic in my all work.
  5. You may feel heavy headache or bodyache but take Reiki more & more.
  6. Give results & reply by mail. continue in contact you are welcome for chat..

May God bless you



35 thoughts on “Ask 4 Sollution

    1. what is the structure (swaroop)of brahm & how will feel it? what is the intial stage of it ? what is the connection between soul & brahm. I also know that the soul & god is oneness but after death the soul go out from the body (If a person which has become Moksh in his life) & where is he in the entire space . what is the place where he is situated . please i want to know it.


      1. Dear Yogi
        Sadguru is always with all Yogis. I’m a little student of Reiki & Yoga.
        Your GURUJI is on very higher path of Moxmarg. Him Guruji is taking care of him.
        Sadguru caharanraj


  1. Respected Bhrattkumar,

    Its great work you are doing in this section

    I have a problem

    Can you help me to find best life partner(as per my dreamed one) by the use of Reiki???

    hope to get reply from you soon.

    thank you in advance,



  2. I am very cute girl but just tired of the acne on my face.

    I have taken all the medical treatment to remove acne from my face but it ruin.

    I was having very cute face before but due to lots of acne on my face, it seems very bad.

    Can reiki help me to recover my old cute face(free from acne)

    Please guide me if posible.

    thanks in advance


    1. POST ME U R horescope , i might place u some suggestion , i m a simple person but who knows
      my interest in this may help u , i will pray for u r help


      1. Dear Yogesh
        I’m not beliving in any kind of predections through any thing.
        Because I’m beleving in today’s awareness rather awareness of now moment.


    1. To Jignesh
      the body is made from pranshakti & panchmahabhoot ( PRUTHVI, JAL, AGNI, VAYU & AAKASH). If a dedicated person decides to heal cancer & he is under guidence of an experienced Reiki master than healing of cancer is possible.
      Because dieses means disturbences & irregulariries in configuration & structure of Pranshakti & Panchmahabhoot of the body. Mainly body is made from REIKI = Pranshakti if you are able to change disturbences & irregulariries in configuration & structure of Pranshakti & Panchmahabhoot of the body than any dieses is curable. My two students has cured cancer of esophogus in Rajkot. Paitent was not able to drink water of even one spoon. After appro. two month he was able to eat full disc of meal in front of me. But unfortunatly he die with heart attack. IF DETERMINATION & DEDICATION WITH BURNING DESIRE ALONG WITH KILLER INSTINCT patient will apply his effort than any diese is curable.
      With LOVE – LIGHT & REIKI
      Yours’ Bharattkumar


      1. Dear Yogesh
        Kundlini Jagran: It is a very very complicated part of yaga for appearing in Kundlini yog you need a perfect siddh Yogi’s guidence. he must be honest to his students, he must not use his lower to pressurise or Vashikaran to his desciples.
        He ought to be love full to nature & down to earth towards Sadguru. REIKI is a safe & best Sadhana, Samarpan, Aaradhna & Upasna ( I will write shortly in coming days on this four subjects) for Kundlini Jagran.
        FOR MORE READ MY BOOK “KRIYAYOG” & Learn Reiki.
        May Sadguru bless you.


  3. hi sir,

    i just got into reiki, taken couple of classes for level-I & II(its only been 10 days or so),the problem is i feel to much vibrated all over the body when i do reiki & after completion, cant speak normally & walk as well for atleast half&hour…..kindly suggest wt can be done in this case.
    thanks steven


  4. Respected sir,
    First of all, i want to congratulate you for your amruttam web site and i wish that your courses are knonwn by every body of whole world.
    My question is :- How should we develop ourself in multple dimansion (all-rounder development) by using reki?


  5. hi sir
    i m from gwalior india i m 27 and is in a bit trouble , well when i was 24 under some spritual influence i started a shiv pray and have suceeded in changing my kundali graha yog , well i even c the sprits in near by places around me in my face form , well i m loosing my body power is willing to get back to my orignal way can u help ?or give me u r email


  6. Jignesh
    We are able to know anything in the world,
    The question is only wea are honest towrds our Sadhna & Sadguru?
    All theory & applications are found by very high dedicated human call ultimate Yogies then why we not.
    Than apply the proper sadhna path without increasing selfishnes & human immoralities. So many other conditions are also ther.
    Be ideal in principal with respect to your life path.


  7. Hello Sir,
    I wish to know whether telepathic communication is possible today also?
    Like what Sanjay used to do to visualise complete Mahabharat for Dhritrashtra.
    What was the basic element used by them to do telepathy.
    Moreover, can’t two people communicate like this only mechanism in recent coming days?
    Give me guidlines.


  8. I am 29 yrs old, 2 months back I have lost my husband in a road accident. My parents are not alive.I am working and I have 6 yrs daughter. After my husband,s death I am feeling sad and depressed. How to overcome from this tragic situation.


  9. I want to ask u something about this Healing process.Kuch log isko Vasikarn ke liye bhi use karte hai. Kya ye sahi hai? Vasikarn is not a good thing but log karte hai to isski Side effect kya ho sakti hai?


  10. Dear Baba
    I am suffering from tremendous mental pressure… I was in a relationship with a girl from last six years but suddenly she refuse me… what to do baba to get her back? ?


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